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TIC is a travel insurance company. Their expertise comes from our more than 50 years of providing nothing but travel health insurance solutions in and outside of Canada. TIC Travel insurance take pride in being the caring, helpful experts travellers can rely on to help them enjoy a worry free experience. After all, having a safe and enjoyable trip is what travelling is all about. Buy Super visa medical insurance through Punjab Insurance to help protect you and your family from unexpected costs due to a medical emergency while visiting Canada. We will be there to make certain you get the care you need whenever you are travelling to visit to your family or friends in Canada for a few days or a few months.

Punjab Insurance can provide you competitive quotes from TIC Travel Insurance plan to assist in protecting your family with insurance. Punjab Insurance is proudly associated with TIC and provides lowest quotes on supervisa insurance plans. We at Punjabinsurance.ca help you with best lowest insurance plans.We strive hard to deliver the best Super Visa Insurance plans at your convenience. In most of the cases we guide online, and help you to compare the coverage and provide you the Insurance quotes with the best coverage. We guarantee lowest rate on the super visa insurance to our clients as we shop and compare competitive rates in the market.


1. Emergency Hospital

The insurer agrees to pay for hospital accommodation, including semi-private room, and for reasonable and customary services and supplies necessary for your emergency care during confinement as a resident in-patient.

2. Emergency Medical

The insurer agrees to pay for the following services,supplies, or treatment, when provided by a health practitioner who is not related to you by blood or marriage:

  1. Emergency medical, surgical or anaesthetic services when performed and authorized by a physician.
  2. Private duty services of a Registered Nurse when approved in advance by TIC. Not to exceed $10,000.
  3. The services of a legally licensed physiotherapist when ordered by the attending physician as treatment for a covered injury. Not to exceed $500 for out-patient treatment.
  4. The services of the following legally licensed practitioners for treatment of a covered injury:
    1. chiropractor;
    2. osteopath;
    3. chiropodist;
    4. podiatrist
    5. acupuncturist.
    Not to exceed $500 per profession.
  5. When performed at the time of the initial emergency, lab tests and/or X-ray examinations as ordered by a physician for the purpose of diagnosis.
  6. The use of a licensed local air, land, or sea ambulance (including mountain or sea evacuation) to the nearest hospital, when reasonable and necessary.
  7. Rental of crutches or hospital-type bed, not exceeding the purchase price; and the cost of splints,trusses, braces or other approved prosthetic appliances approved in advance by TIC.
  8. Emergency out-patient services provided by a hospital.
  9. When not hospitalized as an in-patient, drugs or medications that require a physician's written prescription, not exceeding a 30-day supply, to a maximum of $1,000.


  1. Coverage is NOT AVAILABLE to any individual who, as of their effective date:
    1. has been diagnosed with a terminal illness; or
    2. has been diagnosed with or has had an episode of congestive heart failure; or
    3. has had their most recent heart surgery more than 10 years ago; or
    4. has been diagnosed with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) or Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV); or
    5. has been diagnosed with stage 3 or 4 cancer, or cancer of the lung, liver, pancreas, or bone; or has received treatment for any cancer (other than basal or squamous cell skin cancer or breast cancer treated only with hormone therapy) in the past 3 months; or
    6. has had a lung condition for which, in the last 12 months, they have been prescribed or used home oxygen; or
    7. has received or is awaiting a bone marrow or major organ transplant; or
    8. has been diagnosed with or received treatment for kidney disease requiring dialysis; or
    9. has been diagnosed with an aneurysm that has not been repaired; or
    10. requires assistance with activities of daily living.
  2. To be eligible for coverage you must:
    1. be at least 15 days old and not more than 89 yearsold; and
    2. not be insured or eligible for benefits under a Canadian government health insurance plan; and
    3. be in good health at the time you purchase yourpolicy and on the date you exit your country of origin,and know of no reason to seek medical consultation during the period of coverage; and
    4. not have exceeded two years of uninterrupted coverage under a TIC insurance plan.


  1. If you are 59 years of age or under on the effective date: Benefits are not payable for costs incurred due to or
    resulting from your medical condition or related condition that was not stable at any time during the stability period.
  2. If you are 60 to 79 years of age on the effective date:
    1. Benefits are not payable for costs incurred due to or resulting from any of the following pre-existing conditions, unless you have completed a Medical Questionnaire, have been approved in writing by TIC and have paid the required premium:
      • heart condition;
      • stroke or mini-stroke ( TIA- transient ischemic attack);
      • lung condition;
      • artery or vein disorders.
    2. Benefits are not payable for costs incurred due to or resulting from any pre-existing condition not listed under i) unless it was stable during thestability period


To make a claim due to illness or injury during your trip, please Call : Toll Free 1-888-978-6522

Your claim must be sent to Manulife within 90 days of your loss.

Ensure you keep a copy of your receipts, bills and invoices for your records.

If you disagree with the claim decision, the matter will be submitted to arbitration under the arbitration law in the Canadian province or territory where your policy was issued. Every action or proceeding against the insurer for the recovery of insurance money payable under this contract is absolutely barred unless commenced within the time set out in the Insurance Act, or other applicable legislation.


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