Guaranteed $500,000 Cash Values at the Age of 65 with 1 million dollars of whole life insurance. Get the best Whole Life Insurance Policy, promotional offer expires on December 31, 2018. Plan will still exist after the promotion expires but the cash value will be reduced. Clients who have purchased UL Mutual Adaptable product will be provided with a cash value equal to 50% of the paid-up coverage amount at the attained age of 65 years old if the policy is paid up at age 65.

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Founded in 1889, UL Mutual is one of the oldest insurance companies in Canada. Benefiting from an asset that has been growing for more than 25 years, UL Mutual is recognized in the insurance and financial services market for its financial strength. The mutual has a solvency ratio of more than 200 %, one of the best in the industry! Through a strong network of independent brokers, UL Mutual offers nationally a variety of products among the best in their category:

  • Personal Life Insurance and critical Illness Insurance
  • Group Insurance
  • Investment and retirement

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Disclaimer: This policy is offered by UL Mutual. Everyone may not be eligible for this policy. Tax implications applied. Smaller face amounts of Life Insurance also available. Required age 1 year to 45 years(for $500,000 guaranteed cash value plan at age 65). You have option to purchase policy of smaller amount according to your affordability. Adaptable is a unique product in the industry that combines transparency of benefits with flexibility of choices. Our licensed advisors do comprehensive life insurance and financial needs analysis. UL Mutual reserves the right to request any additional information it may seem appropriate in relation with the risk assessment. Please read Provisions Adaptable, ADAPTABLE Including 20 Pay option and a sample illustration for female non smoker age 30