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Importance of Parents and Grandparents in our life

Grandparents not only help your Children learn the lessons of life, they also teach them significant degrees of religion. Grandparents in most houses are the torchbearers of certain thoughts and beliefs. We parents are so busy in our day to day life, busy schedule and stress, rushing about the tasks of earning for the family and making a living. We have increased our level of comfort and luxuries which involve a race of competition which we need to struggle fending to our needs as well as our Children's needs. There comes the role of grandparents who take on the onus of teaching the kids the importance of family values, how to live in the society.

Grandparents, who are generally a storehouse of great learning and patience, have lived life for sufficient number of years can be very good when it comes to narrating examples of how god has been the saviour of mankind in ways more than one. Grandparents tell us constantly that God helps those who help themselves. Children learn that by working hard in studies if combined with obeisance to God, can help them achieve what they secretly desire. Given that grandparents are well versed in religious texts such as Geeta for Hindus, Holy Quran for Muslims, and Bible to Christians etc., it makes a sense that they pass on the knowledge to the younger generation. The purpose is solved at the end of the day and a lesson is learnt!

Grandparents teach the kids to think of religion as something that has calming effect on everyone. They teach the kids how religion is a useful device for seeking answers to the questions that life throws in. They make them aware how beneficial religion a tool is and how it can make individuals gentle and calm when dealing with difficult situations. In order to fulfill its role in society the family will educate children in moral values so that they will mature and pass on these values to the future generations making society a safe and happy place for all people to live and enjoy.

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