Group Life Insurance Canada

Group Life Insurance Quote

Punjab Insurance Agency is having the best advisors for "Group Life Insurance ", basically this Group Life Insurance is for the employees of the company or for the Union Association. To raise the financial strength of the group. Provisions are been provided for Group Life Insurance depending on the premium that the company/association/ trust would be deciding for its Organizational member . Punjab Insurance provides you reasonable premiums. Group Life Insurance is more stressed on the protection provisions. Clauses are been made according to the updated law by the Canadian law Board and considering the company or association rules.

Group Policies involve a single contract of insurance between the insurer and the group purchasing body. Individuals are covered by the insurance product offered by Punjab Insurance if they are named or within a class specified in the contract (e.g. a member or prospective member of the group purchasing body). Typically, each member receives the same type and level of cover.

Accordingly any class employees of the employer are eligible for life insurance. Life Insurance is the security provides by the company to its subsidiary employees affiliated to the corporation, proprietorship's, or partnership sis under common control.

The Group Life Insurance makes the company turnover to be raised by providing the benefits of the Life Insurance premium so that the employees of the association or the company are satisfied with the protection provided to them by the company and pay their 100% . Coverage of the life insurance can be defined based on the age specification of the employee as on when he would get retired or on the sudden accident that would cause a debt crisis for the employee family and Company to make it easier to pay certain debts such as funeral expenses , medical bills etc.

The premium for the policy shall be paid either from the creditors funds, or from charges collected from the insured debtors, or from both. But its the work of the Insurer to see that the premium is been paid as per the policy terms and conditions to avoid future conflict.