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Income requirements for Super Visa

Who can apply for super visa insurance?

Effective from January 1 to December 31, 2016 Your child or grandchild may use the following income scale to assess their ability to meet the income requirements.

Low Income Cut-Off (LICO) Size of Family Unit Minimum necessary income

Size of Family Unit Minimum necessary income
1 person(child or grandchild) $24,328
2 persons $30,286
3 persons $37,234
4 persons $45,206
5 persons $51,272
6 persons $57,826
7 persons $64,381
More than 7 persons, for each additional person, add $6,555

Disclaimer: This information is publicly available at CIC's website. Punjab insurance is not responsible for any changes or modifications. We will try to update this page as soon as we receive new information. Please check CIC for any recent modifications.

Updated 05-20-2016
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